Infinity. The universe of Luigi Ghirri

Friday 23.02.2024 h 18:00 – Cinema Scala, St. Moritz


Luigi Ghirri, an internationally renowned Italian photographer, wrote regularly throughout his life. His photography is reflected in his writing, which is at the same time a poetic affirmation, an existential argument, a diary that questions the present times. Starting from his writings, the documentary will retrace the crucial stages of the photographer’s life. It will be a journey to the places of the province, a study of lands, water, hills, infinite horizons. It will be a research on his photographic work, conceived not in terms of a single image, but as an alphabet in which each image exists only thanks to the others. The companions of this journey will be the artists Franco Guerzoni and Davide Benati, the art historian Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, the printer Arrigo Ghi, the photographer Gianni Leone, the musician Massimo Zamboni and finally the family, which represented for Ghirri the feeling of belonging to an ordinary but united community. Stefano Accorsi will give voice to Ghirri’s texts.

directed by: Matteo Parisini

screenplay: Matteo Parisini

cinematography: Luca Nervegna

editing: Matteo Parisini

music: Simonluca Laitempergher

producer: Silvia Angrisani, Lorenzo Cioffi

production: Ladoc

country: Italy

year: 2022

Runtime: 75′

2022 Color PG IT/en 01:13:03