St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Second Edition

Becoming Landscape

“It could be said that the orchid imitates the wasp, reproducing its image in a signifying fashion (mimesis, mimicry, lure, etc.). But this is true only on the level of the strata a parallelism between two strata such that a plant organization on one imitates an animal organization on the other. At the same time, something else entirely is going on: not imitation at all but a capture of code, surplus value of code, an increase in valence, a veritable becoming, a becoming-wasp of the orchid and a becoming-orchid of the wasp. (...) There is neither imitation nor resemblance, only an exploding of two heterogeneous series on the line of flight composed by a common rhizome that can no longer be attributed to or subjugated by anything signifying.”

- Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus

Following the theme "Face to Face" of the first edition, the second annual theme of the St. Moritz Art Film Festival is "Becoming Landscape".

The notion of ‘landscape’ is pertinent with the natural context of the Engadin Valley, yet, "Becoming Landscape" highlights a crucial element: the landscape is always the result of a sight and it can not be seperated from the vision that generates it.

In a similar fashion, as in the photographic collages by John Stezaker, the landscape ceases to be a “given” element and it becomes an extension of the subject.

The classical opposition between “figure and ground” blurs into a new status: the subject becomes landscape and, symmetrically, the landscape is the unfolding of the subject, beyond any mimesis or representation.

Through specific collaborations with external curators, the patronage of foreign institutions and a bespoke educational programme developed in collaboration with the local schools, the theme is explored in a variety of aspects.

An important new feature in 2023 edition is the introduction of an open call for film makers and video artists to apply with their new art works.


The Jury

The jury for the 2023 edition is composed of:

_ Róisín Tapponi
_ Vito Robbiani
_ Fabio Cherstich



The jury is going to award two prizes:
- Prize for the best movie
- Special Prize of the jury for an emerging talent 

Furthermore it is awarded the Kulm Prize:
_ “Love at First Sight” prize

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Films List

Thursday 31st of August
Morning Screenings
10:45 Accreditation
11:00 Stefano VastanoPeter Sloterdjik
11:50 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
11:55 Giovanna Borasi & Daniel SchwartzWhere We Grow Older
12:40 Joyce Joumaaكیف لا نغرق في السراب /  To Remain in the No Longer 
13:20 Conversation: Francesco Garutti & Ewa Hess
Afternoon Screenings
15:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
15:05 Thao Nguyen PhanBecoming Alluvium
15:20 Lydia OurahmaneTassili
16:10 Conversation: Lydia Ourahmane & Ewa Hess
16:25 Vacharanont SinvaravatnCountryside Before Memory
16:45 Saodat IsmailovaChillahona
17:25 Break
17:40 Pascal HofmannNot Me - A Journey With Not Vital
19:00 Conversation: Not Vital & Diana Segantini
19:30 Welcoming Drinks at Kulm Hotel
Evening Screenings
21:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
21:05 Brady CorbetGUT
21:37 Karim ZeriahenThe Love in your Veins
22:00 Toby TatumNight on The River Bank
22:06 John StezakerTrain
22:16 BREAK
22:20 Guadalupe Ruiz & Janosch PerlerLa Pastora de las Cosas
22:40 Diego MarconSalut! Hallo! Hello!
23:00 Santiago TorresagastiHet
23:20 Jeanne Penjan Lassus & Shahana RajaniThe Sea in the River
Friday 1st of September
Morning Screenings
11:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
11:05 Lawrence LekTheta
11:16 Sisi LIVery Very Tremendously
11:30 Sarah MorrisSakura
12:20 Break
12:35 Leonardo PirondiVisao do Paraiso
12:50 Robert CahenSept Visions Fugitives
13:20 Conversation: Robert Cahen & Ewa Hess
Afternoon Screenings
15:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
15:05 Deniz BugaUntitled
15:15 MasbedoResto
15:25 Raffaela Naldi RossanoWarp
15:45 Conversation: Naldi Rossano, Masbedo, Deniz Buga & Ewa Hess
16:15 Giulia MagnoEsterno giorno
16:25 Xavier CunillerasNovacene
16:45 Matteo ParisiniInfinito. L’universo di Luigi Ghirri
17:55 Christian LabhartGiovanni Segantini - The Magic of Light
19:20 Conversation: Christian Labhart & Diana Segantini
Evening Screenings
21:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
21:05 Pascal DuschlettaDear Travelers
21:07 Anne de CarbucciaEarth Protectors
22:47 Conversation: Anne De Carbuccia & Ewa Hess
23:15 Eunhee LeeMachines Don't Die
23:35 Julian CharriereIroojrilik
23:40 Ila Beka & Louise LemoineMoriyama-San
Saturday 2nd of September
Morning Screenings
11:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
11:05 Kiluanji Kia HendaConcrete Affection
11:18 Felipe EsparzaLaguna Negra
11:55 Leah GordonKanaval
13:05 Conversation: Leah Gordon & Adam Szymczyk
Afternoon Screenings
15:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
15:05 Cemile SahinRifle in the Closet
15:10 Hong SueJinDry Skies the Eyes and the Altar
15:35 Theo EshetuThe Moving Museum
17:15 Conversation: Theo Eshetu & Ewa Hess
17:45 Edouard de Luze & Charles Derenne24 Hour Sunset
19:30 Conversation: Edouard de Luze & Ewa Hess
Evening Screenings
21:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
21:05 Apinan Poshyananda & Marina AbramovicThe Spirits of Maritime Crossing
22:00 Prize Giving Ceremony at Dracula
Night Screening
23:00 Roisin Tapponi Introduction
23:05 Tarek LakhrissiBright Heart
23:20 Noor AbedOur songs were ready for all wars to come
23:40 Sara SadikCrystal Zastruga
23:52 Younes Ben SlimaneWe knew how beautiful they were, these islands
00:15 Nour OuyadaThe secret garden
00:45 Giorgio Andreotta Calo’Ίκαρος (Icarus)”
Sunday 3rd of September
Morning Screenings
10:30 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
10:35 Moritz Mueller-PreisserHaeberli
11:05 Bettina Grossenbacher16º12’N / 22º51’W
11:15 Tulapop SaenjaroenNotes from the Periphery
11:30 KimsoojaThread Routes - Chapter II
12:00 Firat Yucel & Aylin KuryelTranslating Ulysses
13:10 Conversation: Franco Farinelli & Nicola Angerame
Afternoon Screenings
15:00 Stefano Rabolli Pansera Introduction
15:05 Paul Strand, Charles SheelerManhatta
15:15 Alvaro UrbanoThe Great Ruin of Saturn
15:25 Amshu ChukkiKariginche Vennela - Melting Moonlight
15:40 Robert SmithsonSpiral Jetty
16:15 Conversation: Stefano Piantini, Silvia Segnalini & Stefano Rabolli Pansera
16:40 Fabio ChersitchLucia Di Luciano - Verificare l’Utopia