St. Moritz Art Film Festival


Conversation: Stefano Piantini, Silvia Segnalini & Stefano Rabolli Pansera

Silvia Segnalini is a lawyer, a businesswoman, an academic at the Sapienza University in Rome, and an art collector.  
Ever since keen on art and fashion, she has eventually turned these into a profession. She has thus dealt with cultural heritage law, intellectual property, and the set of rules governing art and luxury markets, over time devoting herself to all the other cultural and creative industries (cinema, architecture, photography, media and new media, etc.).
Among her publications, the ones that deserve special attention are “Art funds e gestione collettiva del risparmio” (Giappichelli, 2016); “Dizionario giuridico dell’arte” (Skira, 2008; second printing with updates: 2019); and “Le leggi della moda” (Skira, 2012). In 2020, she also founded , a new and innovative player in the art market. After a period spent at leading law firms in Rome and Milan, she started running her own law firm centred on a streamlined structure suitable for the cosmopolitan lawyer and globetrotter she is. She can thus contain costs for the client, at the same time managing to rely on a network of solid relationships with professionals from Italy and around the world in order to always keep a very high quality and to assist clients anywhere. Being herself an eager and dedicated art addict, she visits whenever possible Italian and foreign best-known art fairs, galleries (whether renowned or not so famous), museums, artist studios, biennials, etc. Her aim is to meet artists selected through a thorough and personal scouting especially in independent spaces as well as those who have an influence on the national and international art system. This is how she analyses and captures whatever is new and innovating, exploiting trends that can be a source of inspiration and fascination for her work and passions.